Make Sure Your Crane Riggers Are Certified

Enroll them in a crane rigger qualification program in Sulphur, LA or Orange, TX

Following OSHA guidelines is essential for any crew using heavy machinery. One key guideline requires all crane riggers to be certified so they can load the cranes safely. If you employ uncertified crane riggers, it's time to turn to Crane Training Solutions & Inspections.

Our crane rigger qualification program ensures your crew members will get the skills and training they need to meet OSHA guidelines. The qualification test features both a written and practical exam. Speak with our team in the Sulphur, LA & Orange, TX areas for more information about the crane rigger certification process.

Why go through the crane rigger qualification program?

Wondering why your crane riggers need certification? Having certified crane riggers on your staff will result in...

  • Fewer workplace accidents and injuries
  • Proper loading and unloading methods
  • A reduced likelihood of property damage
  • More accurate rigger inspections

It's always better to be safe on the job rather than sorry. Enroll your riggers in our crane rigger qualification program today.