Operate Your Machinery Safely in Low-Visibility Conditions

Sign up for a signal person qualification program in Sulphur, LA or Orange, TX

There isn't always optimum visibility on days you need to operate a crane. That's where a qualified signal person comes in. Crane Training Solutions & Inspections tests workers in the Sulphur, LA & Orange, TX area to make sure they possess the proper signal person qualifications.

Once they complete our signal person qualification program, your signal person will be capable of communicating effectively with your crane operators in any conditions. Learn more about our program by calling 251-422-8451 now.

Can your crew member pass the signal person qualification test?

Before they can signal the crane operator, your signal person must demonstrate their knowledge and skills for a designated testing professional. Essential signal person qualifications include...

  • A basic understanding of crane operations and limitations
  • A knowledge of standard hand signals
  • A knowledge of standard voice signals

After passing the knowledge demonstration, your signal person will be ready to communicate with your crane operators. Don't leave the outcome of this test to chance. Sign your crew member up for the signal person qualification program today.